Grant Gustin Says He and James Gunn Have DM’d – but Only About ‘Superman’

“We’ve literally never talked Flash,” the former CW star tells TheWrap

Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp in "The Flash"(Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW)

James Gunn’s new DC Universe is nearly here, and fans are very much hoping that he might bring Grant Gustin in to reprise his role as The Flash at some point. According to the actor, he and Gunn have exchanged DMs — but only about Gunn’s “Superman.”

In recent weeks, both Gustin and Gunn have separately expressed interest in working with each other. For Gustin, it came at a convention when a fan asked him if he’d play the Scarlet Speedster again after starring as the character for nine seasons on The CW. For Gunn, it came on Threads.

But, for the record, Gustin notes that the decision is “so above my pay grade,” and no conversations have actually been had.

“It’s so funny, that first video that came out of me, I didn’t even know I was being filmed,” Gustin told TheWrap. “I was at one of those conventions, and someone asked me if I’d ever do it, and I’ve always told people it’s not up to me. And I think the person asked me like, ‘If James Gunn wanted you to,’ and it’s like, yeah, if James Gunn wanted me to! I trust James Gunn. I love all the movies he’s put out, I’m a fan. And then yeah, I guess he caught wind of that and said something nice.”

In reality, Gustin and Gunn have never even properly met. But, Gustin does note that they’ve chatted in DMs on social media.

“Not even when all that went down! I think it was beforehand about something completely un — like, we’ve never talked about Flash,” Gustin said. “We’ve talked, just like, I’m a huge Superman fan. I’ve always been a Superman fan, since I was a kid. So I’m just really excited about the movie. And I’m excited about David’s casting.”

That said, Gustin notes he’s also never met David Corenswet, who will be playing the Kryptonian for Gunn. He just is a fan, and thinks “it’s good casting.”

“I’m excited to see what James Gunn does with it. So I think at one point — maybe a couple different times, we’ve DM’d about ‘Superman.’ We’ve literally never talked Flash. I’m just excited that he’s doing Superman.”

“Superman” is set to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.


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