‘Mrs. Davis’ Star Jake McDorman Says He and His ‘Greek’ Castmates ‘Would Be Down’ for a Reboot: ‘All Still Super Close’ (Video)

“We talk all the time,” McDorman told TheWrap

It’s been 12 years since “Greek” wrapped its run on ABC Family — which of course, is now Freeform — but the cast is still hoping to see a revival of the show someday. And yes, that includes Jake McDorman.

While on the red carpet for his new Peacock series “Mrs. Davis,” McDorman was quick to jump on board when TheWrap floated the idea of a revival series, enthusiastically noting that he and his former co-stars all still talk regularly.

“Yeah! I’m still friends with all those guys, we talk all the time,” McDorman said. “The guys, we all kind of live close — in fact, I think, I talked to Clark Duke earlier, I think he’s gonna be here — but me, Scott, PJ, Jacob Zachar, Clark, we’re all still super close, so I know we’d be down.”

You can watch the full moment in the video above.

Of course, this is a hope the cast has held for years — and been false-started on at least once.

In 2016, Freeform announced “Greek: The Reunion” as a two-hour holiday movie. But, in June 2017, the project was quietly scrapped.

“I delivered a script to Freeform in February that they seemed to love enough to want to move forward. We reached out to the cast,” series creator Sean Smith told TVLine at the time. “Then Freeform told me they didn’t have the money to make it this year … maybe we can next year. Then I heard from TVLine that it’s officially not moving forward. So I’m obviously disappointed but grateful for the time I got to spend with those characters again.”

For what it’s worth, another one of McDorman’s “Greek” co-stars, Spencer Grammer, said late last year that she’s still very much hoping for a revival, as well. “I would totally do another one,” she told PEOPLE “Are you kidding? It would be so fun.”