Greg Gutfeld Defends Biden’s SOTU Heckler: ‘Amount of Potato Chips in Your Bag Is More Important Than Deaths in Afghanistan’ | Video

The Fox News host says that the president was “an angry, fiery ball of spite” in his address

Greg Gutfeld and his cohosts at “The Five” praised the Gold Star father who heckled President Joe Biden during Thursday night’s State of the Union address.

U.S. Capitol Police identified the man as 51-year-old Steven K. Nikoui, whose son Marine lance corporal Kareem Nikoui was killed by a suicide bomber outside the airport gates in Kabul during America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021.

Nikoui, who was invited by Florida Rep. Brian Mast, was heard yelling, “Abbey Gate, Abbey Gate,” a reference to the entrance to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul where 13 U.S. service members and approximately 170 Afghans were killed in a bomb blast.

Jeanine Pirro introduced Friday’s segment by saying, “In one of the most shocking moments, a Gold Star dad getting arrested for heckling Joe Biden after reminding the president of his disgraceful exit from Afghanistan.”

“Well, you have to understand there are priorities judged when you’re doing a speech and the amount of potato chips in your bag is way more important than the deaths that occurred in Afghanistan, according to this administration,” Gutfeld replied.

He was referencing an earlier statement by Biden about corporations who “raise prices to pad the profits, charging more and more for less and less.” The president blasted snack companies for thinking people won’t notice if they “change the size of the bag and put a hell of a lot fewer — same size bag — put fewer chips in it.”

Gutfeld described Biden as “an angry, fiery ball of spite” during his speech, which Pirro faulted for being “hyper-partisan” and designed to “please [Biden]’s base of MSNBC flunkies.”

“We keep hearing, you know, that Trump is gonna be out for revenge [if reelected] and meanwhile, Trump is being sued by everybody and he seems to be having a good time on X posting memes. He seems pretty happy,” he added.

“On the other hand, you have [the president who is an] angry fiery ball of spite, that sounds incredibly vengeful,” Gutfeld concluded. “I mean, he went after the Supreme Court, you know, he attacks his predecessor and, by connection, [Trump’s] supporters.”


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