Greg Gutfeld Goes on ‘Liberal’ Rant About Captured Killer: ‘Social Workers Could Have Handled This’ (Video)

“It’s not like he voted for Trump,” the Fox News host quipped of double murderer Danilo Calvacante

In a presumed send-up of all things progressive, “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld joked that “social workers” could have handled the capture of escaped murder Danilo Calvacante, who was finally apprehended on Wednesday by Pennsylvania police after a two-week, headline-grabbing manhunt.

Beginning around 4:20 into the video (which you can watch above), the conservative host borrowed some talking points from the Left, using phrases including “melting pot,” “oppressor” and “transphobic.”

“I do not get the outcry over this at all,” he began. “True, he’s illegal, but America is a melting pot. And that includes killers, right? It’s not like he voted for Trump,” he said, making light of the many federal indictments against the former president.

Gutfeld then told fellow co-host Dana Perino, “I’m disgusted, disgusted Dana, that they sent the evil police after this guy when clearly social workers could have handled this.”

While police around the country have yet to adopt these suggestions on a widespread basis, Defund the Police activists have recommended that social workers be called instead of armed police officers in cases of someone having a mental health crisis. Some programs that do just that, such as the one in Eugene, Oregon, are already in effect.

Gutfeld continued with a reference to “The Squad” — the four Democratic women of color, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, elected to the House in 2018.

“And remember, according to The Squad, prison is cruel and inhumane punishment,” he said. “So in a way, that escape was just an accelerated version of early release…. he’s not the criminal, he’s not the oppressor [and] he was clearly oppressed by the system.”

And being sure to leave no Fox News talking point unhit, he ended on this gem, “I only hope in the next few months, when he declares his new identity as a woman, they better put him in the prison of his chosen gender. And if the female inmates complain about the assaults and the rapes, they’re just being transphobic.”

“Hear, hear,” said Perino. “You covered it all. What more is there to say?,” while Jeanine Pirro threw in a “Bravo!”

Jesse Watters joked, “I think you just got a job at MSNBC.”