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Greta Van Susteren Slams Anti-Fox News Guest: ‘You’re a Piece of Work!’ (Video)

The Fox News host pressed Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson on why he allegedly lied to a newspaper

Greta Van Susteren proved you don’t want to declare a war on Fox News when you’re a guest on her show.

The Fox News host took Virginia Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson to task for declaring “war on Fox News” via Twitter, sternly asking: “Why do you hate me?”

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Dickinson quickly tried to downplay his comments, saying he had a problem with the network as a whole.

“Well, but no, what about me?” Van Susteren said. “I’m Fox News, I’m ‘trash’ apparently, so what’s wrong with me?”

“I think that the facts are misrepresented,” Dickinson said. “Every day is an attack on Obama.”

He went on to criticize the Tea Party, saying they were misrepresenting their movement.

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“OK, that’s really bad to portray yourself not as who you are, right?” Van Susteren responded.

She then asked Dickinson if he had told a newspaper he was the CEO of Mid-Atlantic Show Clubs.

“I consulted for them,” Dickinson meekly replied.

“It says CEO of Mid-Atlantic,” she continued. “Were you the CEO?”

“You got me there,” he conceded.

After Dickinson refused to drop his “war on Fox News,” Van Susteren called him a piece of work.

Watch the video:

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