Hallmark Programming EVP Credits Holiday Dominance to Production Partners ‘Who Are Used to Working at Our Pace’

Office With a View: Lisa Hamilton Daly also details how the network prepared for a year of strikes back in October 2022

Lisa Hamilton Daly (Credit: Crown Media)

Each holiday season, like clockwork, Hallmark debuts a stacked and star-studded lineup of new Christmas movies — a cadence programming EVP Lisa Hamilton Daly attributes to the network’s loyal partnership with several production companies.

“We’ve developed a stable list of producers and production companies that we work with who are used to working at our pace. There’s quite a lot of people that work at our pace, but probably not at our volumes,” Hamilton Daly told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View, referencing multiple production companies filming multiple projects around the globe. “It really is about being able to trust those partners that we are working with to do good work for us … We really live and die by our partners.”


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