Lionsgate TV Exec’s Advice for Building on IP: Give Fans What They Want But Make the World Distinct

Office With a View: Jocelyn Sabo details how her team rethought the “John Wick” universe for new series “The Continental”

Courtesy of Lionsgate/TheWrap

When Lionsgate executive Jocelyn Sabo began thinking about how to bring the “John Wick” film franchise to TV through “The Continental,” she knew the show would have to balance keeping familiar elements while adding new dimensions to the universe to make the expansion a success.

“It’s a massive IP for us and we’re very lucky to have something like this in our library,” Sabo, the studio’s senior vice president for scripted television development, told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View.

She continued, “When we first started talking about [‘The Continental’], the biggest question was how can we do this in a way that is going to maintain, while also growing, the franchise? How do we give fans what they might want and expect — especially when it comes to the action — but also bring new fans and also make our world feel really distinctive and really different?”

For “The Continental,” produced by Lionsgate TV and streaming on Peacock Sept.


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