Harrison Ford Delights With ‘Star Wars’ Shade, Admits to Never Seeing ‘Anchorman’ or ‘Expendables’

Han Solo still has it, everybody

When you’re a legend like Harrison Ford, some roles are so easy that you can do them with your eyes closed.

During a Reddit AMA on Sunday that was done ostensibly as a promotion for his new Showtime docuseries about climate change, “Years of Living Dangerously,” the 71-year-old actor answered all sorts of questions about his career. Obviously, everyone wanted to know about Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but Ford’s confessions about his more recent projects, “Anchorman 2” and “The Expendables 3,” were more eyebrow-raising.

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When one Redditor asked what it was like on set of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay‘s cable news satire, Ford said, “It was goofy,” and then added the more important detail about why he decided to join the film in the first place: “I hadn’t seen ‘Anchorman,’ it was only one day’s work, and I knew that it was very popular, and I admired the talents of the people involved, so I went to do it and had a great time, I enjoyed it. I still haven’t seen it though.”

Later in the chat, Ford made clear that seeing a movie is not a pre-requisite for him to commit to acting in its sequel:

“I was on my way to Indonesia to do ‘Years of Living Dangerously,’ and halfway around the world. And the location for ‘Expendables’ was right on the way, and they asked me for a relatively short period of time, and it seemed like fun,” he explained of his involvement in “The Expendables 3.” “I hadn’t seen the films but I looked one of them and i thought it was kind of funny, so I thought why not?”

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Both of these explanations delighted readers, but not as much as two little quips he made in response to nerdy questions about “Star Wars.”

In regard to whether it was Han or Greedo that shot first, the source of much controversy in recent years: “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

And as for whether he’s still in a fight with Lando Calrissian, Ford responded simply, “Lando who?”