Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Emotional Truths’ Debacle Disqualifies Him From Hosting ‘Daily Show,’ Former Staffers Say | Exclusive

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Even before the comedian was exposed for embellishing stories, insiders have long suspected “maybe this guy’s full of s–t”

Image of Jon Stewart, Hasan Minhaj and Trevor Noah
Image of former "Daily Show" hosts Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah as well as Hasan Minhaj (Getty Collection, Christopher Smith/TheWrap)

To the average person, the New Yorker’s expose on Hasan Minhaj’s fabrications in his stand-up routine may be shocking. But three former “Daily Show” staffers who spoke exclusively with TheWrap said they were not surprised. 

“There was always this suspicion that maybe this guy’s full of s–t. Maybe he’s exaggerating,” one former staffer told TheWrap, noting that Minhaj’s stories in his stand-up always seemed “too perfectly set up.”

The admissions by Minhaj that several incident of racism didn’t happen to him, or didn’t happen the way he recounted, should disqualify him to host the Comedy Central news-comedy show, they said.

“It’s extremely dangerous to cry wolf on racism, especially if you want to be the host of a very influential, politically-driven show,” a former “Daily Show” staffer said.