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Here Are 11 Questions a Judge Has on the Dauman-Redstone Drama

George Phelan is awfully curious about Shari Redstone’s influence over her dad

A Massachusetts judge has a lot of questions for Philippe Dauman, Sumner Redstone and others — 11, to be exact.

Among them, Probate and Family Court Judge George Phelan clearly wants to understand how much influence those around the aging and ailing media mogul have over him — particularly Sumner’s daughter, Shari Redstone.

For example, No. 1: “Does a Court have to find Sumner mentally incapacitated as a predicate to a finding of undue influence by Shari?”

Dauman, co-plaintiff George Abrams and others have accused Shari Redstone of “manipulation” over the 93-year-old, who can barely speak at all anymore. The two men initially filed this springtime lawsuit against the Redstone Family over their removal from the Sumner M. Redstone Trust and the National Amusements, Inc. Board of Directors.

TheWrap took screenshots of the court order and its 11 questions. Here they are: