Here’s ‘Game of Thrones’ as an ’80s Show (Video)

A totally radical retake on the HBO drama

What a difference a title sequence can make — especially when a synthesizer is involved.

From the internet that brought you “Game of Thrones” re-enacted by pugs now comes a re-imagining of the show as a cheesy ’80s drama, complete with an overproduced theme song and VHS wear and tear. The video serves as a reminder of just how important a title sequence can be in setting the mood for a show. (For more on how shows develop their opening sequences, click here.)

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“Game of Thrones” is supposed to feel timeless, but the corny drum machine fills and graphics of this version make it seem achingly dated. Sadly, it also falls short of the gold-standard of ’80s opening sequences, the one for “Street Hawk.”

Watch the video:

And, because you demanded it, here’s the opening for “Street Hawk”: