Here’s What’s Leaving Netflix in September 2022

“Catch Me If You Can” and “Mean Girls” will exit the streaming service

Catch Me if You Can, Mean Girls
DreamWorks Pictures, Paramount Pictures

As summer must eventually come to an end, so must these titles’ time on Netflix.

With Halloween right around the corner, the streaming service will remove all eight seasons of “The Vampire Diaries,” as well as several thriller and horror films including “Nightcrawler,” “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” “Seven” and “Insidious” so be sure to watch these spooky season classics before the end of the month.

The streaming service will no longer be the home for cherished TV series, including “Quantico,” “Saved by the Bell,” “Gotham” and “Dark Matter.” Netflix will also scrap classic titles, like “Catch Me If You Can,” “Mean Girls,” “Taxi Driver,” “Dirty Harry” and “Dumb and Dumber.”

Here’s the complete list of what’s leaving Netflix this month:

Sept. 1

Quantico: Seasons 1-3

Sept. 2


Sept. 3

The Vampire Diaries: Seasons 1-8

Sept. 9


Sept. 10

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Sept. 12

Offspring: Seasons 1-7

Sept. 14

Saved by the Bell: Seasons 1-6 

Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style

Saved by the Bell: The College Years 

Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas

Sept. 17


Sept. 18

Dark Skies

Dark Matter: Seasons 1-3

Sept. 25

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Sept. 29

Gotham: Seasons 1-5

Sept. 30

3 Ninjas: Kick Back


Boogie Nights

Catch Me If You Can

The Cave


Dirty Harry

Dumb and Dumber

Full Metal Jacket 

I Am Legend


Made of Honor

Mean Girls

My Babysitter’s a Vampire: Seasons 1-2 

Old School

The Perfect Storm

The Rite


The Sweetest Thing

Taxi Driver

The Talented Mr. Ripley