HFPA Members Suggest Suing Attorneys for ‘Damaging Advice’ to Golden Globes Group (Exclusive)

”In the spirit of ‘never let a crisis go to waste, isn’t it appropriate for us to sue our lawyers?“ longtime member Noemia Young writes in an email

(This article has been updated since publication with an additional statement from the HFPA board members.)

In the latest sign of the crisis engulfing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association over diversity issues and NBC’s cancellation of the 2022 Golden Globes ceremony, some members are now pushing to sue the organization’s lawyers for providing “improper and legally damaging advice.” Many are also renewing calls for the current board to resign over its handling of the firestorm surrounding the HFPA.

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Beatrice Verhoeven, PWS

Beatrice Verhoeven

Film Editor, Twitter: @bverhoev