Mika Brzezinski Begs Hillary Clinton to Be Her Therapist While Grappling With Trump Trial, 2024 Election: ‘I Need More’ | Video

“This is all about power,” Clinton said

During her appearance on “Morning Joe” Thursday, Hillary Clinton played therapist after anchor Mika Brzezinski admitted to be grappling with former president Donald Trump’s hush money trial and the looming 2024 election. Clinton did her best to unpack everything.

“I’m happy to go to therapy with you anytime because clearly the pressure and the stress on our system, our country, our constitution, our future is so intense for those of us who understand what’s at stake,” Clinton began. “It’s a very difficult time right now.”

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” Clinton said, adding that voters should know the outcome of Trump’s trials come Election Day — which for the most part is unlikely now, because three of Trump’s four criminal trials have been delayed.

For those keeping track, in the Florida classified documents case, Trump-appointed district Judge Aileen Cannon indefinitely delayed proceedings on dubious procedural grounds. It’s now unclear when the trial may resume.

Meanwhile in Groegia, the state election interference case overseen by Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis was derailed earlier this year thanks to multiple, serious lapses in judgment. In January it came out that she had started a sexual relationship with Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor she hired for the case. In the subsequent hearings over this, Trump’s legal team was unable to prove that the relationship began before Wade was hired, but the presiding judge called out Willis for being “unprofessional” on the stand. Even so, he ruled against removing her from the case, and now the trial is on hold while Trump’s legal team appeals that ruling.

And finally, Trump’s federal election interference trial is on hold while the majority-right wing Supreme Court, which includes 3 justices appointed by Trump, consider his disturbing claims that U.S. presidents have complete legal immunity, even if they murder political opponents. (That really is the argument he’s making.)

But Clinton noted things aren’t entirely hopeless, as the one trial that hasn’t been delayed — the New York City business fraud trial over the hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels in 2016 — is actually about election interference.

“It’s about trying to prevent the people of our country from having relevent information that may have influenced how they could have voted in 2016,” she said. “I think the defendant, the former president, knew exactly what he was doing when he went to such great lengths to try to squash, bury, kill stories, pay off people because he understood the electoral significance of them.”

Clinton also cited Trump’s many rallies and his Time Magazine interview where he’s stated that if he’s unhappy with how the election turns out he’ll do something again to stop the “lawful winner from taking office.”

“This is all about power,” she continued. “How to get it, how to keep it, how not to give it up. That is so opposite of everything we believe, or should believe, in our country, about how we are a nation of laws not of men – and they are men who try to put themselves about the law.”

Host Joe Scarborough eventually said the therapy session was “officially over now” and prepared to move on before Brzezinski chimed in once more with a laugh.

“Wait, wait, I need more,” she said.

Watch the full “Morning Joe” clip above.


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