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Hillary Clinton’s Pizzagate Diss at Michael Flynn, Explained

Confused why Clinton suggested Flynn apply at Dominos? Let’s take the issue apart, piece by piece

If you’re a little unclear on why Hillary Clinton retweeted a suggestion that Michael Flynn apply for a job at Dominos, let us try to explain.

Flynn resigned at National Security Adviser late Monday after admitting that he gave “incomplete information” to Vice President Mike Pence and others about a telephone call he shared with the Russian ambassador in late December.

A lot of Democrats were gleeful about the problem for the Trump administration — but Clinton especially had reason to gloat.

Why? Because in December, Flynn’s son helped hype a groundless online conspiracy theory that Clinton and her aides, including John Podesta, ran a child-sex ring out of a Washington, D.C., pizza shop.

Pizzagate culminated in a man entering the pizzeria — Comet Ping Pong — and firing a gun. He reportedly told police he wanted to personally investigate.

After the incident, Flynn’s son, Michael G. Flynn, tweeted: “Until #Pizzagate proven false, it’ll remain a story. The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many ‘coincidences’ tied to it.”

As a result, he lost his job with the Trump transition team on Dec. 6.

Two days later, Clinton said Pizzagate proved that “fake news can have real-world consequences,” and that “lives are at risk.”

Flynn the elder subsequently deleted another fake news story from his Twitter feed that claimed the FBI had evidence “to put Hillary and her crew away for life.”

Flynn’s bad judgment apparently continued in late December, when he made the phone calls with Russia’s ambassador that led to his resignation Monday.

Which brings us, finally, to Clinton’s tweet. She tweeted a message from Philippe Reines, one of her former advisers, writing, “Philippe’s got his own way of saying things, but he has a point about the real consequences of fake news.”

Reines, who played Trump in Clinton’s debate preparation, wrote to the Flynns: “Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr., what goes around COMETS around. And given your pizza obsession…”

He then posted a link to Dominos’ jobs page.

Hopefully, that clears up all the confusion here… except for the question of why a pizzeria is called Comet Ping Pong.