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‘Hocus Pocus’ Schedule 2022: When Does the Halloween Classic Air on TV?

The Sanderson Sisters are back once more to put a spell on you

Ah say, into pi, alpha maybe, upendi! Loosely translated, that means: Fall has arrived, and that means it’s just about time for your “Hocus Pocus” rewatch — er, perhaps rewatches. There are a whole lot of opportunities for you to watch Disney’s Halloween classic this year, especially before (or after — we’re not judging what order you pick) you check out the sequel “Hocus Pocus 2” on Disney+.

As always, the semi-spooky comedy — which even “Hocus Pocus” creator David Kirschner recognizes might have been a touch too spooky for kids when it first came out — starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy is a staple of Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween programming through the month of October. Of course, “Hocus Pocus” wasn’t always the Halloween mainstay it is now. It’s been a long journey to get its many slots on TV. You can read more about that here, as a post-rewatch treat.

This year, the movie is set to be shown at least 13 times — fitting for obvious reasons — on the network, leading up to Halloween. That said though, you can also watch “Hocus Pocus” outside of those 31 days. Here’s when and where you’ll find it.

When Is “Hocus Pocus” on TV?

As we mentioned, “Hocus Pocus” will be airing a very witchy 13 times on Freeform this year. You can check out those dates and times below.

Saturday, October 1 — 7:15p/6:15c

Sunday, October 2 — 8:35p/7:35c

Tuesday, October 4 — 9:00p/8:00c

Saturday, October 8 — 7:10p/6:10c

Sunday, October 9 — 4:45p/3:45c

Saturday, October 15 — 5:30p/4:30c

Sunday, October 16 — 7:40p/6:40c

Monday, October 17 — 8:50p/7:50c

Saturday, October 22 — 9:20p/8:20c

Sunday, October 22 — 5:15p/4:15c

Saturday, October 29 — 9:25p/8:25c

Sunday, October 30 — 7:05p/6:05c

Monday, October 31 — 9:00p/8:00c

Where Is “Hocus Pocus” Streaming?

Of course, you don’t have to watch the movie only on those days, and you can avoid commercials altogether if you so choose. Both “Hocus Pocus” and “Hocus Pocus 2” are currently streaming on Disney+.