Champagne Truffles and Filet Mignon Deliveries: Hollywood’s New Gifting Explosion

”Pandemic gifts have gone crazy,“ says an entertainment marketing executive

For those in the business of luxury gifting for Hollywood clients, it’s part of the job to keep the identities of both the giver and the receiver top secret. Which is why Tom Gallop, owner with wife Tara of Beverly Hills Teuscher-Chocolates of Switzerland, would not reveal the identity of a certain Oscar-winning actor-director who recently received a $310 silk-lined box of truffles from an unnamed producer.

But Gallop strongly suggested that Clint Eastwood was the recipient of assortment of Teuscher’s champagne truffles, made at the Swiss company’s Zurich headquarters and laced with Dom Pérignon. While Gallop was officially mum, he offered these clues to TheWrap via email: “You’ll have to ‘Unforgiven’ me for this. Hate to be such a ‘Dirty Harry,’ but that’s just ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ of the situation.”

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Diane Haithman

Senior Entertainment Business Reporter • • @dhaithman