Hollywood Sex Ring Case: Gary Goddard Attorneys File Motion to Dismiss Michael Egan Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Filing follows similar motions from “X-Men” director Bryan Singer and former Disney exec David Neuman

Bonnie Mound (L), Michael Egan (M) and Attorney Jeff Herman (Credit: Jonathan Alcorn)

Attorneys for Broadway producer Gary Goddard have filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Michael Egan alleging that Goddard sexually assaulted Egan in Hawaii when he was a minor.

The motion was filed Thursday in federal court in Hawaii and follows similar filings by former Disney exec David Neuman and “X-Men” director Bryan Singer, both of whom were also targets of lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct against Egan.

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“Gary Goddard’s sworn declaration, supported by detailed evidence, confirms that he was never in Hawaii during the period of time that Michael Egan alleges he was abused,” attorneys Paul Gaspari and Alan Grodin said in a statement to TheWrap.

“And it is supported by Egan’s own sworn deposition confirming that he was not in Hawaii either, and that no one other than those he accused in 2003 – which did not include Gary Goddard – had ever allegedly assaulted him. We have consistently asserted throughout this whole unfortunate matter that our client vehemently rejects the allegations made against him, which are provably false.”