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TheWrap’s Hollywood Innovators List: Honorable Mentions

This year, these cutting-edge executives and entrepreneurs are runners-up; next year they may be topping a new list of pioneers

Limiting the top innovators shaking up Hollywood to a mere dozen is no easy task.

It requires leaving many worthy media revolutionaries on the cutting room floor. Here's a look at some of the cutting-edge executives and entrepreneurs who are shaking up the status quo by doing everything from integrating social media into awards shows to pairing a culinary experience with a movie.

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This year they are runner-ups. Next year they may be topping a new list of pioneers.

President and Chief Creative Officer, MiTu

The Latino community remains one of the great untapped markets in America, but Greiff and Acevedo have built one of the premiere networks on YouTube with that group in mind.

The Latino lifestyle network spans more than 520 channels that boast more than 4.5 million subscribers.

 Over the past 14 months, the network has generated more than 1 billion views and now generates more than 60 million views a month.

VP Digital Distribution and Brand Licensing, Dick Clark Productions

The digital guru at Dick Clark Productions — the production company responsible for "American Bandstand," the Golden Globes and the American Music Awards — Ariel Elazar has brought those shows into the 21st century.

He's allowed viewers to submit red-carpet questions to celebrities via social media, created online programming that runs concurrent to the shows and brought on Twitter and Facebook as partners.

He also digitized the company’s library, one spanning 7,500 performances and 2,500 hours of TV, and has set about to create the main awards show for the burgeoning online video industry: the Streamy Awards.

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Social Media Agent, UTA

Eric Kuhn helped craft social media strategies at both CNN and the NBA before becoming Hollywood’s first social-media agent. One day, he’s bringing Rashida Jones onto Twitter — 465,000 followers and counting — the next he’s introducing his client Foursquare to Hollywood.

Somewhere in between he’s probably dancing with a Supreme Court justice or texting with his former boss Jon Klein.


CEO and Founder, Alamo Drafthouse

From the movie loving hub of Austin, Tex., Tim League has revolutionized the concept of dinner with a movie.

Now the independent theater chain he founded in 1997 is expanding in a big way. Alamo and its concept of offering full meals along with the latest big-screen releases will boast as many as 50 locations in the next five years, including new branches in New York City and Los Angeles.

The idea of offering high-end food choices like frittatas and olive tapenade along with booze is now being embraced by major chains like AMC. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the surest sign you've arrived.