How 9/11 Changed Hollywood – And Is ‘Still Grappling’ With the Terror Attacks 20 Years Later

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TheWrap speaks with 20 filmmakers, executives and journalists about the legacy of the attacks on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Hollywood After 9/11

Twenty years after the Twin Towers at Manhattan’s World Trade Center fell on September 11, 2001, Hollywood is still grappling with the repercussions — along with the rest of America.

Stories and storytelling were changed both in the short and long term. The world was no longer seen in black and white, and filmmakers started down a long road toward reassessing the types of narratives to fit the rapid and profound changes in society.

“We’re still grappling with how this era has changed us. And in some ways, probably the great films of the post-9/11 era possibly haven’t even been made yet,” filmmaker Greg Barker, director of the documentary “Detainee 001,” told TheWrap.


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