How to Watch ‘Being the Ricardos’: When Is Aaron Sorkin’s Lucille Ball Movie Streaming?

Nicole Kidman stars as the “I Love Lucy” actress in writer-director Aaron Sorkin’s new film

Being the Ricardos Nicole Kidman Nina Arianda
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“Being the Ricardos” focuses more on the serious side of Lucille Ball, comedic actress and star of the ’50s sitcom “I Love Lucy.” Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Ball and Desi Arnaz, officially endorsed the film, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, in an Instagram post. The film follows one week of production on an episode of “I Love Lucy” and the chaos that surrounds both the show and Lucy and Desi’s lives. In the first round of reviews, critics had many positive things to say about the film, but fans still think the film has some ‘splainin to do regarding the casting of Lucille Ball.

So with conversation abuzz, how can you watch “Being the Ricardos?” Everything you need to know below.

When Does “Being the Ricardos’ Come Out?

“Being the Ricardos” launched into theaters Dec. 10, at which point it was exclusively available to watch in select theaters across the country.

When Is “Being the Ricardos” Streaming?

“Being the Ricardos” will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

What Is “Being the Ricardos” About?

“Being the Ricardos” aims to go behind the facade to tell the true story behind Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz. The film centers quite a bit around her relationship and eventual marriage to Arnaz — who also played her husband onscreen in “I Love Lucy.” The film zooms in on a particularly rough week for the Ricardos, after a radio host implies that Lucy may be a Communist while Lucy must contend with an impending pregnancy and the potential dissolution of her marriage. All in the span of a week.

Who Is In “Being the Ricardos”?

Nicole Kidman stars as Lucille Ball. Javier Bardem costars as Desi Arnaz. J. K. Simmons plays William Frawly (Fred in “I Love Lucy”), Nina Arianda plays Vivian Vance (Ethel in “I Love Lucy”), Tony Hale is Jess Oppenheimer, Alia Shawkat plays Madelyn Pugh, Jake Lacy fills the role of Bob Carroll, and Clark Gregg portrays Howards Wenke from CBS. Lina Lavin plays the older 1970s version of Madelyn Pugh, and Ronny Cox plays the older 1970s version of Bob Carroll. Nelson Franklin plays Joe Strickland, another rep from CBS.

Is “I Love Lucy” Streaming?

All six seasons of “I Love Lucy” are available to stream on Hulu as well as Paramount+ or Amazon.