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How to Watch ‘Chucky': Is the ‘Child’s Play’ Series Streaming?

The Good Guy doll gone bad returns from his movies in a TV series

Chucky comes back to play — with knives — in the television series for SyFy and USA Network on Oct. 12. The “Child’s Play” franchise is getting the small screen treatment in a new TV series, but some may be wondering exactly where one can watch this new show and whether it’s streaming. All your burning questions are answered below.

Is “Chucky” Streaming?

‘Chucky’ will premiere on the USA Network and Syfy cable channels on Tuesday, Oct. 12 at 10 p.m. ET and the respective USA and Syfy apps that stream shows. You can also stream new episodes of “Chucky” with Hulu with Live TV, FuboTV or YouTube TV subscriptions.

What Is “Chucky” About?

“Chucky” is a sequel to the original “Child’s Play” movies written and created by Don Mancini, who also created the original franchise.

Main character Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) finds Chucky, a vintage Good Guy doll, at a garage sale and buys him for $20. Wheeler and his brother and friends later discover that the doll itself — despite having no batteries when Jake is prompted to check after a mysterious phone call telling him to do so — has a mind, life and personality of its own. It turns out that serial killer Charles Lee Ray transferred pieces of his soul into the doll, and his spirit is what animates the doll toward its violent tendencies. A series of crimes and bloody situations form a trail that involves Jake and his friends because of Chucky.

Are the “Child’s Play” or “Chucky” Movies Streaming?

Four films from the “Child’s Play” movie franchise Chucky will be available to stream on AMC+ or on amc.com with a cable login. The titles AMC will have are “Bride of Chucky” (1998), “Seed of Chucky” (2004), “Curse of Chucky” (2013) and “Cult of Chucky” (2017).

You can also stream “Bride of Chucky,” “Seed of Chucky,” “Curse of Chucky,” “Cult of Chucky,” “Child’s Play 2” and “Child’s Play 3” on Peacock.

What are the “Child’s Play” movies about?

There are eight “Child’s Play” movies. The first three are named “Child’s Play,” “Child’s Play 2” and “Child’s Play 3.” In the first film, a mother gifts the doll to her son Andy, later realizing that the doll contains the soul of a serial killer. Chucky causes havoc for this mother-son duo — landing the mom in a psychiatric hospital and Andy in foster care in the second film. Chucky pursues Andy even then because he wants his soul, throughout the third film when Andy attends military school.

The doll finds a mate in “Bride of Chucky,” and somehow this duo then manages to raise a kid in “Seed of Chucky.” Chucky brings bad luck to a mother-daughter-niece trio in “Curse of Chucky” when Nica suspects her niece was influenced to murder Nica’s mother by the doll. “Cult of Chucky” returns to Nica’s life when he decides to keep pursuing her while settling some scores with his old enemies. A remake of “Child’s Play” was released in 2019.