How to Watch ‘The Invitation’: Is the Horror Movie Streaming or in Theaters?

Nathalie Emmanuel stars in the new vampire movie

The Invitation
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What would you do if you received a mysterious invitation from your so-called long-lost family for a highly-anticipated wedding? Attend without a question, of course!

Nathalie Emmanuel stars as Evie in this contemporary horror film, which surprisingly proves that attending a strangers’ wedding might not be the worst thing that can happen when discovering new familial ties.

Here’s how to watch “The Invitation” when it premieres nationwide Aug. 26.

When is “The Invitation” in theaters?

The horror film will hit theaters Friday, Aug. 26.

Is “The Invitation” streaming?

No, the thriller is not currently on any streaming platforms.

What is “The Invitation” about?

Curious about her family origins, Evie takes a DNA test and discovers she has a ties to an unknown cousin. She meets her enthusiastic family member and is immediately swept away into a glamorous world when she attends a highly-anticipated family event. The glitzy wedding quickly becomes deadly when a sinister dinner party reveals the family’s true intentions. With nowhere to run, Evie must battle her-so called family.

Who is in “The Invitation” cast?

Emmanuel stars as Evie alongside Thomas Doherty, who plays Walter and Stephanie Corneliussen, who plays Viktoria. Other notable cast members include Alana Boden, Sean Pertwee, Hugh Skinner and Virág Bárány.

Watch “The Invitation” trailer: