Howard Stern ‘Dumbfounded’ by Kid Rock’s Protest of Dylan Mulvaney-Bud Light Collab

“He transitioned from some kid in Michigan to a rock superstar,” Stern said. “And that was a good transition”

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Howard Stern questioned Kid Rock’s outrage over Bud Light’s partnership with transgender activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney on Monday’s “The Howard Stern Show” on SiriusXM.

“Kid Rock and Travis Tritt lost their shit over this beer can thing,” he said on the radio. “And I saw a video of — Kid Rock took out like one of these assault rifles, or I don’t know what it is — AR whatever, and he blew up the cans of beer. He was very upset and he didn’t want to drink Bud Light. He said, ‘F–k you Budweiser.’”

Stern’s co-host corrected him, saying that Kid Rock actually said  ‘F–k Bud Light and f–k Anheuser Busch.’”

Rock made the statement that he will no longer have any Anheuser Busch products backstage at his concerts, emphasizing that he was probably vocalizing a sentiment felt by many.

“I thought there must be a piece of this story that I’m missing and I don’t know why — I’m not bothered by gay people or transsexual people. They don’t impact my life. They don’t hurt my life,” Stern continued. “I love when people are in love. You wanna be a woman, be a woman, you wanna be a dude, be a dude, be whatever you fucking want. Long as you ain’t hurting anybody, I’m on your team.”

Mulvaney appeared in an ad for the beer, promoting a can with her face on it in conjunction with the year anniversary of her transition, dressed like Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“This month I celebrated my 365 days of womanhood and Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever — a can with my face on it,” Mulvaney said in the video. The campaign also lined up with the end of the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament.

Stern expressed the desire to invite Kid Rock on his show to discuss why he was so upset.

“I mean, he’s got a great life. He transitioned from some kid in Michigan to a rock superstar. And that was a good transition,” Stern added. “I’m really dumbfounded by why someone would care so much that they would blow up a can of Bud Light and say, ‘Fuck Anheuser-Busch.’ I don’t get it.”