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Howard Stern Mourns Eric ‘The Actor’ Lynch, Says He ‘Truly Loved Him’ (Audio)

The shock jock says of deceased show contributor, “I knew we’d lose him but I never really thought the day would come”

Eric “The Actor” Lynch, a featured frequent caller of “The Howard Stern Show,” died Saturday at 39. Lynch’s talent manager, Johnny Fratto, confirmed Lynch’s death on Twitter.

“Eric beat the odds,” Stern said on-air Monday morning. “For what he was dealing with, it was pretty amazing that he lasted that long.”

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Lynch, formerly referred to as “Eric the Midget,” was 3-foot-5 and spent much of his life confined to a wheelchair due to various medical issues.

“Most people in Eric’s condition would be bitter, but Eric loved life,” Stern said. “He still carried on like a maniac, and he was the greatest.”

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Stern was amazed by his friend’s longevity after doctors told him he wouldn’t live to be a teenager.

“He kind of proved them all wrong,” Stern said. “I loved Eric. I truly, truly loved him.”

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Lynch began calling in to Stern’s show more than a decade ago to discuss “American Idol,” which he was a fan of.

Listen to Howard Stern’s tribute to Eric “The Actor” Lynch below.