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Ice Cube Says He’s Ready to Make Another ‘Friday’ Movie: ‘That’s My Dream’ (Video)

”It’s really up to the movie companies to step up,“ the producer, writer and co-star of the franchise tells TheWrap

Twenty years after the release of “Friday,” Ice Cube says he’s ready to head back to the ‘hood to make a fourth film in the franchise.

“That’s my dream,” Cube told TheWrap Wednesday during a sit-down interview. “I think all the parties involved, all the people that’s been in the franchise, people from the first one to the third one, want to do another one.”

The entertainment industry veteran, who played Craig Jones in “Friday,” “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next,” stopped by the SiriusXM studios in Los Angeles for a round of interviews promoting “Friday’s” return to the big screen.

Friday Rerelease PosterTo mark the 20th anniversary of the film’s April 1995 release, the cult classic about a day in the life of unemployed slackers Craig and Smokey (Chris Tucker), will return to theaters for one day only on Monday, April 20, courtesy of Fathom Events, New Line Cinema and Warner Bros.

In case you were wondering why it’s playing on a Monday instead of Friday — 420 is the police code for smoking marijuana — a fitting tribute to the stoner film.

Fathom is showing F. Gary Gray‘s Director’s Cut, in select theaters around the country at 7:30 p.m. local time. They’ll also show “Friday Straight Up,” a special 24-minute featurette that includes interviews with the cast.

Cube produced and co-wrote the three films with his music collaborator, DJ Pooh. While the creative team behind “Friday” is game to make another movie, Cube said there’s one thing standing in the way — “It’s really up to the movie companies to step up. When they see stuff like this, they’ll realize how much people love this movie. Sometimes you owe it to the fans to do what the fans want. I hope they step up.”

As for what to call the next film, Cube already has something in mind. “We might have to call it ‘Last Friday’ because it might end up being the last one.”

We also asked him his favorite line from “Friday.” His top choice — Smokey’s taunt to Deebo —  “you just got knocked the fu*k out.” Another gem — “bye Felicia,” which has become so popular that it’s now a frequent trending tag on social media.

For a list of theaters where you can watch “Friday” on 4/20, click here.

Watch the video of Ice Cube’s interview here