Idris Elba Thriller ‘No Good Deed’ Launches Unique Social Media Campaign

Sony and Screen Gems invite fans to #TweetToEscape on Twitter and play “Terror Hits Home” on Instagram

Sony Pictures and Screen Gems have launched a first-of-its-kind social media campaign on both Twitter and Instagram for their upcoming thriller “No Good Deed,” which pits Idris Elba against Taraji P. Henson.

In the Twitter game #TweetToEscape, which is a modern, interactive take on the popular Choose Your Own Adventure book series, each tweet challenges you to outwit escaped killer Colin Evans (Elba) and fight back as courageous mom Terri (Henson). When a killer shows up on your doorstep, do you run or fight? Users can decide by selecting one of two options on each tweet.

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The game uses hidden Twitter posts and links, along with their beta video tool, to engage fans with personalized non-linear story-telling. The first post can be found here on the film’s Twitter page, @NoGoodDeedMovie.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, users are invited to explore the suspense of “No Good Deed” via the new interactive experience “Terror Hits Home,” which takes movie fans deeper into the film’s narrative.

Sony and Screen Gems set up multiple Instagram accounts so that within each account, the thumbnails of 9 images or videos tile together to form one large image. Specific images have tags, which then link the user to the next account, taking them deeper into the story.

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“Terror Hits Home” launched on Aug. 15 and mobile users can find the first post here on the film’s Instagram page @NoGoodDeedMovie.

Sony will release “No Good Deed” through its Screen Gems label on Sept. 12. Watch the film’s creepy trailer below.