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Iggy Azalea ‘Unbothered’ by Nicki Minaj’s Apparent BET Awards Diss

Australian rapper tells fans and online trolls to ”let it go“

Move over East Coast-West Coast, 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule and Jay Z vs. Nas — there’s a new rap beef in town. And by “in town,” we mean on social media of course.

After what many perceived as a direct attack on Iggy Azalea by Nicki Minaj while accepting a trophy at Sunday’s BET Awards, Azalea has hit back. Sort of.

On her Instagram page, the Aussie rapper wrote Wednesday, “I have to say the general explosion of pettiness online on the last few days is hard to ignore & honestly… lame.” She continued, “If I had won the BET award that would’ve been great but it wasn’t my year & I don’t mind – so you shouldn’t either.”

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“Generally speaking I’m unbothered by anything that ‘happened’ at the BET awards and just feel worn out by everyone trying to make me have wars with people all the time,” Azalea penned. “Anyone who wishes me well is welcome in my life & those who don’t can’t get any more of my time.”

She concluded: “I hate to see everyone exhausting themselves on my behalf over things that I’m still not 100% sure even exist & don’t matter. just let it go.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Minaj tweeted:

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At Sunday’s BET Awards, when Minaj won Best Female Hip Hop Artist — again — she acted out some moves from Azalea’s “Fancy” video before saying, “What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is, that when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.”

Most have taken that as a direct reference to Azalea, suggesting that the popular hip-hop newbie doesn’t write what she raps.

Here’s Azalea’s post:

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