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Jimmy Fallon’s Joe Biden Address to Congress Is as Rambling and Random as You’d Expect (Video)


Joe Biden wasn’t the only Joe Biden that addressed Congress on Wednesday: Jimmy Fallon’s Joe Biden did as well.

Fallon’s President Joseph R. Biden was just as old and rambling and you might think. He started on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout — and shoulda just stuck with that.

“Over 200 million Americans have gotten at least one dose. And I tell ya, modern medicine sure has changed a lot from back when I was a kid,” Fallon-as-Biden said. “Used to be, you go to your doctor and say, ‘Listen Jack, I got my knees all scraped up trying to catch a big earthworm and use it to get the biggest catch over at Addison Creek.”

There were a whole lot of “used to bes” and extremely dated references.

Like: “The CDC’s updating its guidelines on wearing masks outdoors for vaccinated Americans,” Fallon’s Biden said. “You’ll no longer have to wear your mask when you take your best gal on a date to the Cabbage Hop.”

Good grief. And then there was Biden’s story about a standoff with a scarecrow on Old Man Sherwood’s farm. The sketch also included a repetitive visual gag about Biden perhaps not always practicing what that very same CDC (the Center for Disease Control) preaches about coughing, sniffling and definitely not touching your face.

Watch the video above. And then immediately go and wash your hands.

Read all about the real Joe Biden’s real first address to the joint sessions of Congress here.

In the non-comedic (well, not intentionally comedic, at least) speech, Biden championed democracy while touting a host of progressive issues such as gun reform, corporate taxes and fighting white supremacy. And for the first time in U.S. history, two women stood behind the president during an address to the joint sessions of Congress as vice president (Kamala Harris) and speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi).