‘Interview With the Vampire’ Season 2 Teaser Welcomes You to the Théâtre des Vampires (Video)

The second season of the AMC series further adapts Anne Rice’s book series

AMC released a teaser trailer for “Interview With the Vampire” Season 2 on Friday in lieu of the network’s scrapped Comic-Con panel.

The show continues the story of Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) as he tells it to journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian). Season 2 will return to Bailey Bass’ Claudia, Lestat de Lioncourt’s (Sam Reid) newest fledgling.

“Claudia was an awakening for Louis,” Assad Zaman, who plays Rashid, says at the beginning of the clip. “Claudia was a hunger.”

The clip shows Louis and Claudia in the audience of the Théâtre des Vampires, where the announcer claims, “Everything you’re about to see is real.”

A red-haired woman also in the audience is later shown lying on a table, anticipating Claudia’s vampiric bite. She nods slightly as if she is willing to become a vampire. 

Based on the book by Anne Rice, which was also adapted into a film in 1994, this latest installment of AMC’s television series continues the story of Louis’ complicated relationship with the man who turned him into a vampire, Lestat de Lioncourt. Molloy battles a recent Parkinson’s diagnosis. The show changed Louis’ backstory from a plantation owner in the 1700s who scolded his cohort for feeding on slaves to a queer Black man born in the late 1800s who made a living running a brothel in Storyville, New Orleans.

Author Anne Rice and her son Christopher serve as executive producers on the series. Rolin Jones serves as creator, showrunner and executive producer. The eight-episode first season debuted in October 2022.

The 1994 film adaptation of “Interview with the Vampire” starred Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, with Pitt playing Louis and Cruise playing Lestat. Kirsten Dunst played Claudia. 

Bailey Bass recently starred in “Avatar: The Way of Water” as Tsireya. She is also expected to appear in “Avatar 3,” which has been delayed a year.