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Let’s Talk About the Seamless Racial Cues of ‘Into the Spider-Verse’

”You’re the best of us, Miles“

“Into the Spider-Verse” is a masterpiece, but it’s especially special for black and Latino audiences who’ve been underrepresented in super hero movies. The latest “Low Key” podcast talks about why certain lines and moments in the film may resonate more with Spider-fans of color. You can listen right here:

On every episode of “Low Key,” we talk about low-key pop culture moments not everyone notices. This time, my co-hosts, Aaron Lanton and Keith Dennie, talk about why everyone will love “Into the Spider-Verse,” but black viewers may pick up on “tiny cues” in the story of Miles Morales.

Case in point: A line from “Spider-Verse” that director Ava DuVernay tweeted over the weekend: “You’re the best of us, Miles. You’re on your way. Just keep going.”

“There’s so much black cinema where they say ‘the best of us,’ like, ‘you’re the best of us,'” Aaron explains, around the 19-minute mark. “I was like, ‘They snuck that in there, but we heard it! No one else heard it, but the black people did.'”

We hope you like the podcast, but that you’ll see “Into the Spider-Verse” first. It’s the revelatory of how black and Latino high schooler Miles Morales joins with spider-men and -women from across space and time to save us all.

If you like the episode, please tell a person you like that they should listen, too. Happy holidays to everyone across the Spider-Verse. We love you.