Is Netflix’s Binge Model Still the Best Streaming Release Strategy? – It’s Complicated | Charts

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Even the originator of dropping whole seasons has adapted periodic release strategies with many of its series

Park Hae-Soo in "Squid Game."
International shows like "Squid Game" are commanding more and more attention from U.S. streaming viewers. (Netflix)

The practice of releasing all episodes of a season at once, the so-called binge release, was pioneered by Netflix and is often credited as one of the main innovations that drove the company to become the top streaming platform years ago. But is it actually the best strategy for streamers?

It’s believed that providing the opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in a show and the removal of the wait time between episodes made the experience more enjoyable for the audience. In its last shareholder letter, Netflix even said, “It’s hard to imagine, for example, how a Korean title like ‘Squid Game’ would have become a mega hit globally without the momentum that came from people being able to binge it.