3 Ways DC Studios Can Revive the Brand

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From reboots to streaming, the division faces some big challenges — and opportunities

dc studios superman
Henry Cavill as Superman (Warner Bros.)

While famous speedster The Flash can manipulate time within the pages of his comics, the DC production banner responsible for the film and TV adaptations of the brand’s iconic characters appears trapped in a time loop. With the exit of Walter Hamada, who has led DC Films since 2018, and the imminent arrival of filmmaker James Gunn and producer Peter Safran, the new-look DC Studios now enters its third major restructure in the last decade. 

Yet again, the outfit finds itself in a time of uncertain transition. However, there is hope that Gunn and Safran can maximize the value of the company’s enviable war chest of blockbuster properties moving forward and finally rival Disney’s Marvel in the onscreen comic-book adaptation field.