The Hierarchy Has Changed: What DC Studios Chiefs James Gunn and Peter Safran Need to Get Done | Analysis

First the new bosses must ”win over all the other filmmakers“ working there, one insider says

Director James Gunn has spent the last few years going back and forth between DC and Marvel, enjoying a unique position in the world of blockbuster franchises that on Tuesday led him to the biggest day in his career.

Roughly two hours after Gunn proudly touted the trailer for his “Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special” from Marvel, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that the writer-director would go from Kevin Bacon (subject of the “Guardian”‘ special) to Krypton (Superman’s doomed home), joining Peter Safran, his producing partner on DC’s “The Suicide Squad,” as the co-chair/CEO of the newly renamed DC Studios.

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Jeremy Fuster

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