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Jackson Rathbone Tweets About Emergency Landing After Plane’s Engine ‘Explodes’ (Video)

The ”Twilight“ actor was on board of the Austin-bound JetBlue plane when the cabin ”filled with smoke“

“Twilight” star Jackson Rathbone, along with his wife and son, were caught on a JetBlue flight that was forced to make an emergency landing and the actor tweeted about the entire ordeal.

On Thursday, Rathbone’s flight ended with an emergency landing after the plane’s engines failed. Smoke filled the cabin and pilots announced that the flight had to return to Long Beach Airport.

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“We were on JetBlue Flight 1416 to Austin from Long Beach,” Rathbone wrote. “Our right engine exploded and our cabin filled with smoke.”

“The oxygen masks did not deploy,” continued Rathbone, “but the brave stewardesses came around and manually deployed them.”

The flight, originally bound for Austin, Texas, was in the air for less than 15 minutes.

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“We were told to brace as we careened sharply back towards land,” Rathbone tweeted.

Several passengers shot video footage from inside the plane. Flight attendants can be heard telling all onboard to brace as the airliner touches down in Long Beach.

Watch one of the passengers’ videos below.