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James Corden Knows What Biden Needs to Win Florida in 2024 Presidential Bid: ‘Wrestle a Crocodile on Meth’ (Video)

The ”Late Late Show“ host also joked that Biden belongs in Florida ever since turning 80

President Joe Biden spoke in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday, where he argued that voters can’t trust Republicans to protect social security and Medicare. Perking up at the news during his nightly breakdown of the day’s headlines on Thursday, “Late Late Show” host James Corden got a few digs in at both the president and the home state of Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“The President wrapped up his speech midafternoon, otherwise known in Florida as dinnertime,” Corden said, poking fun at the stereotypically older residents inhabiting the Sunshine State.

“You know, Biden wasn’t even supposed to go,” he continued. “But once he turned 80, he just instinctively started migrating south to Florida.”

Not only was this speech an opportunity for Biden to follow-up on some of his speaking points out of this week’s State of the Union address, but Corden noted it was an attempt to “boost his chances of winning the battleground state” in the 2024 presidential election. So, of course, the host then offered some advice for how the president can better guarantee a win.

“Look, if Biden really wants to win in Florida, he knows what he needs to do: He needs to wrestle a crocodile on meth,” Corden joked. Unclear here if he was talking about the crocodile, Biden or both being the meth-taker(s), but the joke still landed.

The rest of Corden’s monologue broke down the State of the Union address’ dismal ratings – the lowest we’ve seen in 30 years – and more human interest topics like a Swiss baker who debuted a one-of-kind, edible wedding dress.

Catch up on that and more in the “Late Late Show” video above.