Meyers Mocks Boebert’s Tirade Against Twitter Execs: Is She ‘An Actual Adult’ or ‘High School Sophomore Yelling’ in Hallway? (Video)

“I said it’s cool you won prom queen, even though you’re already the queen of Bitchistan, as a freaking joke!” Meyers mocked

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert went off on some former Twitter executives this week, complaining about her account being censored. And, after watching the footage, Seth Meyers isn’t sure if she’s an actual congresswoman, or a high school girl yelling at someone in the hallway.

The Republican-led house held this particular hearing on Wednesday, apparently in an effort to “prove” the baseless claims that the federal government quietly pressured and succeeded in getting Twitter to censor the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020.

But, inevitably, people like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene made sure to use their time to call out Twitter for censoring their own accounts, both of which have regularly posted misinformation and conspiracy theories. In fact, Boebert was specifically mad about allegedly being shadow-banned for a tweet that said Hillary Clinton was angry she couldn’t rig her own election.

Before he even began the clip of the exchange on “Late Night,” Seth Meyers offered a challenge to those watching it.

“I would like you to watch this clip, and try to decide whether you’re watching an actual adult, at an actual congressional hearing, or a high school sophomore, yelling at a friend in the hallway after class,” he said.

What followed was Boebert angrily and loudly complaining that the “sinister overlords” at Twitter shadow-banned her for “a freaking joke,” and asking “who the hell do you think that you are?” So, to help audiences answer his original question, Meyers then offered a similar exchange.

“It was a freaking joke Kayleigh! OK?” Meyers mocked, putting on a voice not unlike Boebert’s. “I said it’s cool you won prom queen, even though you’re already the queen of Bitchistan, as a freaking joke! You overlord!”

Of course, Meyers couldn’t leave Marjorie Taylor Greene out. Because obviously, she also complained about her own account getting permanently suspended (which, we’ll remind you, was because she repeatedly violated Twitter’s COVID misinformation policies).

The “Late Night” host joked that this hearing actually answered an important question: “What would Twitter look like if it was a physical room?”

You can watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.