James Franco, Seth Rogen’s ‘Interview’ Live Tweets Feature Tanks, Tigers and Presidential Commentary

With the film available on VOD, stars and co-director Evan Goldberg synchronize viewing with fans to provide multi-layered experience via Twitter

James Franco in "The Interview"
Columbia Pictures

With “The Interview” being made available digitally for the holiday season, where it made $15 million in its first four days, the film’s stars and directors were able to put together a unique experience for fans.

They scheduled a live tweet of the film, synchronizing their viewing with as many fans as wanted to take part. James Franco, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg each participated in the live tweet, answering fan questions and taking viewers behind the scenes of the film that played a key role in the devastating cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Much of the content provided by the film’s stars (Franco and Rogen) and directors (Goldberg and Rogen) was anecdotal or silly, and likely made very little sense to anyone not watching the film with them, but there were a few interesting tidbits along the way.

We learned that Eminem wrote the rap that he performs in the comedy, why it is intentionally littered with “Lord of the Rings” jokes, and how much fun and fear there was working with a real tiger and a real tank.

One fan suggested showing Randall Park’s audition that landed him the part of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a Blu-ray/DVD extra, while another proposed the Blu-ray/DVD commentary should include President Obama.

While the content of their live tweet may not have been particularly monumental, the event itself may well prove prescient as more films and creative teams jump on board this way to get fans interested in the chance to interact with the people behind it in real time.

We’ve gathered some of the best, funniest and most informative tweets from the live tweet of “The Interview” below.