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Jason Patric’s Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Actor of Using Anti-Semitic Slurs in E-mail

It was after one of the couple’s many reconciliations that Danielle Schreiber says Patric began to revert to his abusive tendencies

Jason Patric may be best known for his roles in films like “The Lost Boys” and “Speed 2,” but in certain circles, he had become known for his very public custody battle with ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber. Over the course of their on again, off again relationship, Patric donated his sperm to Schreiber and is now suing for parental rights.

It was after the couple reconciled when their son, Gus, was young that Schreiber says Patric began to revert to his abusive tendencies again, this time with antisemitic insults, allegedly calling her “Ms. Jew Schreiber” and “Jew cunt,” and writing in an e-mail, “FUCK THOSE JEW MOTHERFUCKERS.”

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Schreiber’s claims against Patric include heavy drinking and partying, infidelity and physical abuse. After their break-up, Schreiber says, when she had decided to be a single parent and was exploring artificial insemination options, the actor delivered her a handwritten letter in which he expressed regret that he could not be a father to her child but offered to be her sperm donor. “I want you to know that if you want to use my sperm, you have my blessing. It’s all I can give you right now,” he wrote to her.

Since then, Patric had become somewhat of a symbol for “father’s rights” movements — which support the rights of men in divorce custody battles — because of his fight and the launch of his subsequent nonprofit organization Stand Up for Gus, named after his son. Celebrity supporters like Mark WahlbergChris EvansBrad Pitt and Chris Rock have supported the foundation.

That fight may be taking a hit now with the newly revealed allegations put forth by Schreiber, which are inflammatory, to say the least. “The Jason I knew was the role he played in ‘Your Friends and Neighbors,'” she tells Rolling Stone, referring to the devious sexual predator he played in Neil LaBute‘s 1998 dramedy. “People were impressed by the role. In hindsight, I’m not that impressed, because it’s not that much of a stretch.”

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Patric released his own statement to Rolling Stone through his lawyer, claiming Schreiber did not make any allegations of abuse until a court decision ruled in favor of Patric continuing his parental claim.

“Mr. Patric emphatically denies these allegations,” reads the statement. “Furthermore, the efforts are being carried out by the same woman who spent many years in a relationship with Mr. Patric, who signed documents such as a preschool contract with Mr. Patric acknowledging him to be the father, who allowed him to pay preschool tuition, and who repeatedly instilled in Gus as shown in videos and documents presented at trial, that Mr. Patric is his father. It is unfortunate for Gus that Ms. Schreiber is willing to stoop to such a level and disparage the child’s father in the public eye. Mr. Patric will continue to press forward with his legal rights so that he and Gus are reunited. The timing of Ms. Schreiber’s sudden media campaign should make anyone suspicious.”

Patric’s reps have not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

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