‘Ted Lasso’ Cast Heads to White House to Discuss Mental Health With President Joe Biden

Jason Sudeikis and the entire ensemble of the Apple TV+ comedy will also be joined by First Lady Jill Biden on Monday

Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt and Jason Sudeikis in a still from "Ted Lasso" Season 3.

Jason Sudeikis and the cast of “Ted Lasso” are gearing up for a presidential visit.

The ensemble of the Apple TV+ comedy will join President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the White House Monday to discuss the mental health and importance of promoting overall wellbeing.

Ahead of the visit, Biden teased the “Ted Lasso” presence in the Oval Office with his own “Believe” sign posted in the doorway in a Sunday post on Twitter with the caption, “Tomorrow.”

More information will be available on the visit will be available on Monday.

“Ted Lasso,” which debuted its third season Wednesday on Apple TV+, has been lauded for its optimistic approach to kindness and determination, with the show’s signature slogan, “believe,” inspiring viewers across the country.

Amid the release of the series’ third season, there has been speculation whether the show might be coming to an end, though spinoffs are not off the table. For Brett Goldstein, who writes for the series as well as plays soccer legend-turned assistant coach Roy Kent, the prospect of the third season being its final one would make him feel “very, very sad on a lot of levels.”

“I really, really love the show, really care about these characters and I love the people,” Goldstein told TheWrap ahead of the Season 3 debut. “You wonder if it’s a once in a lifetime thing where it’s such a good group of people to spend your days with. Every day you’re like ‘this is nice isn’t it, that we all get to hang out and make this thing.’ I’ll miss all of it.”

Brendan Hunt, who co-created the series and plays portrays Coach Beard. also shared the tricky balance of tackling what might be the show’s last chapter, saying “it was very special to be in that room knowing that this was gonna be the culmination of at least this part of whatever the story of ‘Ted Lasso’ is. We took it seriously, but tried not to take it too seriously.”

The “Ted Lasso” Season 3 is now streaming on Apple TV+, with new episodes dropping every Wednesday through May 31.