Jennifer Lawrence Catches Backlash for Scolding Reporter at Golden Globes

Lawrence mocked a reporter for using his phone while asking her questions about her win for “Joy”

Jennifer Lawrence faces a lot of negative backlash for scolding a reporter

Are the Twitteratti turning on Jennifer Lawrence? The actress is doing her best to bear the crown of America’s Sweetheart, but it may have slipped when she scolded a reporter for using his phone while asking about her Golden Globes win.

Fans went on Twitter to express their feelings about the incident.

“Sooo guttered with how Jennifer Lawrence went on with the foreign reporter at the Golden Globes, proper put me off her,” one user tweeted.

“It it takes being rude to a reporter for people to finally start hating Jennifer Lawrence, I’m all for it tbh,” said another.

Lawrence called out the reporter for being on his phone while he asked about her win for “Joy” backstage at the awards show on Sunday night.

“You can’t live your whole life behind your phone, bro,” said Lawrence to the reporter in question. “You can’t do that. You’ve got to live in the now.”

Some witnesses to the incident said the reporter wasn’t a native English speaker and was using his phone to translate the questions. However, some Twitter users who were present at the Q&A refuted the criticism. Chris Trondsen, a host on Pacific Rim Video, wrote, “He was taking pictures & video of Jennifer Lawrence while asking his questions & I even found it distracting.”

Whether the reporter was on his phone because he needed translation of his questions or whether he was actually being distracting isn’t clear in the video, but in any case, people are torn about whether to think Lawrence was rude or in the right to tell him off.

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