Jerry Seinfeld Remembers Liz Sheridan as ‘The Sweetest, Nicest TV Mom a Son Could Wish For’

“So lucky to have known her,” the comedian tweeted after learning that his mother on “Seinfeld” died Friday

Jerry Seinfeld Liz Sheridan

Jerry Seinfeld paid tribute to actress Liz Sheridan, who played his mother on his NBC sitcom “Seinfeld,” after learning of her death on Friday.

“Liz was always the sweetest, nicest TV mom a son could wish for. Every time she came on our show it was the coziest feeling for me. So lucky to have known her,” he wrote, along with a photo of them from the set of the hit ’90s series.

Sheridan appeared in all nine seasons of “Seinfeld” as Jerry’s doting mother Helen, whose favorite catchphrase was disbelief that her son had any detractors: “How could anyone not like him?”

In a 1998 interview with EW, Sheridan admitted she and Barney Martin, who played Jerry’s dad Morty, were so identified with their roles on the sitcom that it was hard for them to find other work. However, that didn’t stop her from loving the role on the classic sitcom. “People yell at me going by in cars,” she said. “I love that, and any actor who tells you they don’t is lying.”

And her feelings for her TV son were genuine: “I love him dearly. I’ve told him that. He loves us, too. I mean, we don’t hang out, but I don’t think he does with anybody on the show,” she said.

Sheridan was the last of the “Seinfeld parents”: Estelle Harris, who played George (Jason Alexander)’s mom Estelle, died on April 2. Jerry Stiller, who played her husband Frank, died in 2020. Martin passed away in 2005.

Sheridan also played nosy neighbor Raquel Ochmonek on NBC’s “ALF” from 1986-90.