Jimmie Allen Apologizes to Family After Sexual Abuse Lawsuit, Professional Fallout: ‘Working on Becoming a Better Person’

The former “American Idol” contestant and country music star says he’s “ashamed that I wasn’t strong enough to withstand” industry temptations

Jimmie Allen attends the 2022 American Music Awards
Jimmie Allen attends the 2022 American Music Awards (Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Country star Jimmie Allen has publicly apologized to his wife and children for the first time since the personal and professional fallout following a sexual abuse lawsuit filed earlier this month.

“I want to publicly apologize to my wife Alexis for humiliating her with my affair,” Allen wrote on Instagram. “I’m embarrassed that my choices have brought shame on her. That’s something that she did not deserve at all.”

Additionally apologizing to his children, saying he’s “working on becoming a better person that my kids can be proud of,” the former “American Idol” contestant added that his time in the music industry has made him susceptible to temptations that he gave into.

“The business takes so much from you. It’s full of temptations that can cripple you and ruin everything you’ve built,” he wrote. “I’m ashamed that I wasn’t strong enough to withstand them. I will no longer be a victim of my weaknesses.”

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Allen’s alleged actions may be a bit more complicated than giving into temptation, however.

The singer is accused of sexual assault and battery in a federal civil lawsuit by his former day-to-day manager, who accused the Grammy-nominated former “American Idol” contestant of grooming, abusing and harassing her while out on tour.

The plaintiff, a Jane Doe, says in the lawsuit that she was warned when she was assigned to Allen that the singer could be inappropriate with women, according to legal documents obtained by TheWrap. She said one night, at a dinner following Allen’s guest appearance on “Idol” in March 2021, she drank “a couple glasses of white wine” before becoming disoriented and blacking out.

She said when she woke up, she was bleeding and disoriented, and that Allen was there, insisting that she take a Plan B pill while he supervised. In the months that followed she said she was sexually harassed and retaliated against for reporting the conduct, according to the lawsuit, filed in a federal court in Tennessee and first reported by Variety.

Responded to the allegations, Allen denied such wrongdoing, but confirmed he’d engaged in a sexual relationship with the woman, saying it was a consensual affair.

The aftermath of the lawsuit has seen Allen’s professional career upended. He’s been dropped by his agency UTA, his management firm The Familie and his publicist — plus several high-profile performance and speaking engagements. Allen most recently opened for Carrie Underwood on her “Denim & Rhinestones” tour.

Allen and his wife announced their separation on April 21, coinciding with the news that they are expecting their third child together.

“I challenge everyone to seek help when they need it,” Allen concluded in his post Thursday. “Do not be afraid of your weakness, surround yourself with people that WILL help you. Be Blessed.”

Josh Dickey contributed to this story.