Fallon Mocks a Biden-DeSantis-Trump Race: ‘Grandfather,’ ‘Crazy Uncle’ and ‘Family Member Nobody Talks About’ (Video)

Fallon did have some fun with the idea of John Bolton running though

Jimmy Fallon really isn’t thrilled about the potential lineup for 2024’s presidential race. According to the late night host, it’s like choosing from a group of mostly unfavorable family members.

During his monologue on Tuesday, Fallon poked fun at twice-impeached former president Donald Trump’s latest approval ratings, which have been steadily falling. In a new poll released by Marquette Law School, it was revealed that, in a hypothetical rematch between Trump and Biden, Biden would win again, with 44% to Trump’s 34%.

Meanwhile, if the 2024 race were to come down to Biden or Florida governor Ron DeSantis, it gets much closer. In that hypothetical, the two men are currently tied in polling, with each receiving 42% support from registered voters nationwide. But really, Fallon is bummed out by any version of this matchup.

“Biden, DeSantis and Trump — it’s like your grandfather, your crazy uncle and the family member nobody talks about anymore,” he joked.

Fallon also joked that, at this point, Trump’s favorability rating might even be lower than Ye’s, formerly known as Kanye West. That said, Fallon did have some fun with the idea of Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton announcing a presidential bid.

Bolton said on Monday that he’s definitely “considering” launching a campaign, specifically to challenge Trump. So, Fallon offered up some potential slogans for that campaign.

“First, there’s ‘Bolton 2024: Putting the “U.S.” Back in “Walrus.”‘ Then there’s ‘Bolton 2024: If I Win, You Can Call Me President Geppetto,’” the late night host teased.

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.