‘Morning Joe’: Jen Psaki Warns Trump Could Still ‘Come Back From the Dead, He’s Like a Cat’ After a Career-Worst Month (Video)

“Everybody has to be pretty clear-eyed about Donald Trump here,” she says

Donald Trump is down – very down – but not yet out, according to MSNBC correspondent Jen Psaki.

Sitting with Mika Brzezinski and co. on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” the former White House press secretary warned that despite a career-worst month for the embattled former president, “everybody has to be pretty clear-eyed about Donald Trump here. He’s come back from the dead, he’s like a cat.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski opened the segment above, titled “Trump’s Horrific Month,” by breaking down every political setback and failure, legal development and personal pitfall the twice-impeached former president has faced in the last month, culminating with the Georgia Senate loss of his personally endorsed candidate, Herschel Walker.

Jonathan Lemire chimed in after Brzezinski’s rundown saying, “There’s a consensus among Republicans that this is the weakest Trump has been potentially ever, but certainly since the immediate aftermath of January 6 and right after that Access Hollywood tape dropped in October of 2016. This is a moment where Republicans could start to go in another direction. We’ve seen the edging that way, but most are still there, at least for now.”

As we’ve seen time and again, however – including following the Access Hollywood tape and the Jan. 6 insurrection, there is still the possibility of Trump to come back swinging.

As Psaki pointed out, the Republican Party’s frontrunner alternative, Florida governor Ron DeSantis, is still largely untested on the national stage.

“What’s not clear, or what’s a challenge, I should say, for Republicans is you have Ron DeSantis over here, but Ron DeSantis right now may be at his peak,” she said. “You know, he’s been painted by every Republican as every hope and dream they have for a Republican candidate. He has obviously done quite well in Florida. He’s completely untested nationwide. Nobody’s lifted the hood and kicked the tires, as my former boss Barack Obama used to say, and that is when people really start to make decisions.”

“So I don’t think Democrats or people who dislike Trump, whatever their political flavor, should underestimate Trump because he has come back and he’s come back and he’s come back,” she concluded.

Watch the full discussion in the video above.