Jimmy Fallon: CNN Fumbled Eclipse Coverage With No Anderson Cooper-Andy Cohen Countdown to Blackout ‘While Getting Blacked Out’

“I mean, come on. That would’ve been great!” the NBC host mourns

Monday’s solar eclipse received wall-to-wall to news coverage, but Jimmy Fallon thinks CNN might’ve fumbled theirs. According to the NBC host, Anderson Cooper and Bravo host Andy Cohen should’ve been tapped to host an eclipse special, similar to their New Year specials.

To kick off Monday night’s “Tonight Show” monologue, Fallon first took a moment to add an eclipse glasses filter to one of his cameras, so that the only thing that could be seen through a small hole was his face.

“I’d like to be the 10 millionth person to ask you: did you see it?” he asked enthusiastically. “Did you see it?!”

Fallon then poked fun at the “non-stop coverage” of the event by news stations across the country, but called out CNN in particular.

“I think CNN messed up by not having Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper count down to the blackout while getting blacked out,” Fallon joked. “I mean, come on. That would’ve been great!”

Cohen and Cooper are, of course, known for indulging in celebratory drinks while they host their live New Year specials every year, which has led to some pretty hilarious moments that fans have loved.

Elsewhere in his monologue, Fallon poked fun at how an earthquake happened to hit the east coast just a week before the eclipse, making it a “month full of mind-blowing events,” complete with Taylor Swift’s next album dropping next week.

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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