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Fallon Jokes Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SOTU Outfit Looks Like She Got ‘Her 102nd Dalmatian’ (Video)

Fallon also notes Biden’s surprisingly high polling results.

Jimmy Fallon spent considerable time during his monologue on Wednesday’s “The Tonight Show” talking about President Joe Biden’s second State of the Union address from the night before. He had a lot of fun observations, of course, since the long speech provided a huge number of things to joke about.

One of the more amusing jokes involved right wing Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who wore a distinctive, bright white fur coat to the event. This made her the most noticeable of the many Republicans who heckled Biden during his speech.

“One of the loudest hecklers was congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Here she is yelling at Biden from her seat,” Fallon said as he displayed a photo. “It was a busy night for Greene, she went right from the State of the Union to getting her 102nd dalmatian.”

Earlier in the bit, Fallon spoke of Biden’s unusually high polling. It turns out 72% of Americans came away from the speech with a positive opinion of Biden. “Amazing,” Fallon said. “We can’t even get 72% of Americans to agree on what an M&M should wear, nodding to the green M&M discourse from last year.

Fallon joked that Biden’s energetic performance during the speech was like he went “from decaf green tea to Mountain Dew Code Red,” and then joked that Biden is right that “COVID no longer controls our lives.”

“Now that honor belongs to TikTok,” Fallon cracked.

“Biden also talked about the strong jobs market,” Fallon continued. “He said people are working as bankers, real estate developers, dancers, philanthropists, Broadway producers – and that’s just George Santos.”

Other highlights of the bit include a remix of the speech to overemphasize how much Biden used the word “folks” and the phrase “finish the job,” along with an amusing bit where Fallon compared the elated look on Vice President Kamala Harris’ face to the deflated countenance of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy via some funny analogies.

There’s plenty more and you can watch it all in the video above.