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‘The View’ Hosts Mock Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kyrsten Sinema’s SOTU Outfits: ‘Looked Like She Skinned My Puppy!’

”These two broads think they’re going to the Met Gala!“ Joy Behar joked

President Biden called for unity many, many times during his second State of the Union address on Tuesday night. And indeed, unity was achieved during the speech — thanks to Kyrsten Sinema and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s outfit choices for the evening. Even the hosts of “The View” had to mock them on Wednesday.

As folks live tweeted the broadcast, people came together as one, largely comparing Sinema’s bright yellow, ruffled dress to “Sesame Street” icon Big Bird. Others focused on Marjorie Taylor Greene, who opted for a white coat, with a very fluffy collar piece. For “The View” host Alyssa Farah Griffin, that coat was actually a bit traumatizing.

“I was distracted by Marjorie Taylor Greene’s jacket! It looked like she skinned my puppy!” she said.

Farah Griffin then pulled up a photo of her dog, placed side by side with a photo of Greene, mouth agape because she was inevitably yelling something out of turn at the president while he spoke, and indeed, the coat looked like it could’ve come from the sweet pup.

Even host Sunny Hostin agreed that Greene “looked like a little Cruella de Vil.” Meanwhile, host Sara Haines enjoyed a meme from “The Daily Show,” that suggested Sinema’s dress was actually an old bridesmaid’s dress that she got to reuse.

“This is why the internet always wins,” Haines said. “It’s equal opportunity offender, you gotta play with it and laugh a little.”

For Joy Behar, the complaint was simple: “These two broads think they’re going to the Met Gala!”