Jimmy Fallon Digs Up Mark Ruffalo’s 1989 Clearasil Commercial (Video)

“Spotlight” star relives one of his first acting jobs while appearing on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”

Every actor has to start somewhere, even two-time Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo.

Jimmy Fallon reminded “Spotlight” star of his humble beginnings as a commercial actor on Thursday’s episode of “The Tonight Show,” playing for the actor his 1989 TV spot for Clearasil.

Though the actor told Fallon he only “vaguely” remembered doing the commercial, he soon recalled the story of how he got the part.

“The director said, ‘Yeah, I really, really liked what you did. You just seemed like you came right off the street and you don’t know how to act at all,'” Ruffalo said.

“Well that director should watch any of the things you’re doing right now,” Fallon said.

Watch the video.


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