Fallon Celebrates Ivanka Trump’s Court Appearance: ‘Can Complete My Set of Trump Courtroom Sketch Trading Cards!’ (Video)

The NBC host says the moment was very “exciting”

Despite her attempts to avoid it, Ivanka Trump appeared in court for her father’s civil fraud trial this week, and Jimmy Fallon is thrilled. On Wednesday night, he joked that now he has a full set of “Trump courtroom sketch trading cards.”

For those unaware, while her brothers testified in court last week, Ivanka Trump filed a request to pause the trial completely, because having to testify during a school week would cause “undue hardship.” That request was of course denied, and Ivanka Trump appeared to testify on Wednesday.

“Which is exciting, ’cause now I can complete my set of Trump courtroom sketch trading cards!” Fallon joked.

Clearly, the NBC host is enjoying the sketches as they come, as he joked last week that it was actually a good plan to have all the members of the Trump family testify.

“It’s actually convenient that all the Trumps have testified now, ’cause they’re gonna use the courtroom sketches for their holiday card,” he joked at the time. “And I think that’s smart. I think it’s touching!”

Elsewhere in his monologue, Fallon poked fun at Wednesday night’s third GOP debate, which Donald Trump once again did not attend.

“Whatever you think about Trump, Republican debates are kind of meaningless without him,” Fallon said. “It’s like a football game without Taylor Swift.”

You can watch Fallon’s latest monologue in the video above.


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